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Sewer Cleaning and CCTV Inspection

Uni-Jet truck - Front view

Today's pipeline owners and engineers demand top quality inspection video and data from their pipeline inspection contractors. Uni-Jet offers high quality CCTV video inspections and defect data coding by coders with many years of experience in both WRc3 and the NASSCO PACP / MACP coding systems. Our specialized equipment allows for cleaning and inspection of pipelines, sewers and duct lines varying in size from 50mm (2") to 5m (15') in diameter, as well as tanks, pits, lift stations and other critical infrastructure. Our robotic cameras can travel up to 400m (1200') from a single access point making difficult access conditions manageable.


Robotic camera system Robotic camera system

Uni-Jet has a fleet of 7 camera trucks equipped to meet your inspection needs. Our camera systems feature 360 degree pan and tilt capabilities and zoom to ensure all defects and features of the inspected assets are illustrated in thorough detail to assist in the assessment of the infrastructure. Our systems are intrinsically safe, making it possible to perform inspections in many hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Our sewer cleaning equipment has been custom designed to ensure complete removal of roots, FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) and debris from the sewer. This thorough cleaning allows for a detailed inspection of the pipeline and permits the sewer to resume functioning at the capacity it was designed for. Many of our clients understand the value of a regular sewer cleaning and inspection program, and use our services to assist in life cycle analysis of their existing sewer networks as part of an asset management program. The visual inspection for defects, as well as the complete cleaning of the sewer systems, allows owners to target their infrastructure budgets to effectively manage their most immediate and long term concerns. Whether the problem is inflow and infiltration (I&I), structural, or operational, Uni-Jet can provide the inspection required to address the critical issues.