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Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind:  The Importance of a Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Program

The modern sewer system is a marvel of engineering, but is rarely thought about once it is in the ground. Municipal residents and media tend to focus on the conditions of the roads and other infrastructure they can see and feel every day. But what is happening beneath their roads and the cities in which they live?

Sewer Cleaning and Inspection as Part of an Asset Management Program

Underground infrastructure condition is equally as important as surface infrastructure and must be included in a municipal asset management program. Sewer cleaning and televising is the first step in assessing the linear sewer infrastructure in the community. The data provided by this inspection is critical for assessing the current condition of the sewers, projecting estimated life remaining in the individual pipes and prioritizing and targeting infrastructure renewal money to the assets that require the most attention. By understanding the condition of the existing sewer assets and rehabilitation methods available, Public Works managers, Mayors and Councils can make informed decisions about how and when to target infrastructure renewal to get the best value for the limited money available.

Sewer Cleaning and Inspection as Part of a Regular Maintenance Program

Like all infrastructure, sewers require a proactive maintenance program to ensure the system is reliable and working to its full capacity. The removal or grease, roots and debris is critical to assure proper operation of the system, ensuring pipes are carrying flows to their designed capacity and reducing the chances of costly sewer backups, combined sewer overflows and overland flooding due to plugged storm sewer systems.

Uni-Jet has the equipment and experience to help maintain and provide the crucial data to assess your sewer systems and help keep your system performing now and well into the future.